Medium Travel Climbing Buckle 3 Digit Combination Lock Suitcase Security Carabiner Hook WS-OL01

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Carabiners for fall protection meet OSHA standards for use as part of a fall protection system. They create a connection between two anchoring points, such as connecting lanyards/self-retracting lifelines to anchors or connecting lanyards to harnesses. These carabiners have a minimum tensile strength of 5000 lbs. and a locking mechanism that prevents the carabiner from opening on its own.

  • Item No.: WS-OL01
  • Name: Medium size combination carabiner hook
  • Shackle Dia.: 7.7mm
  • Total Height: 95mm
  • Total Width: 56.3mm
  • Available Color: Yellow, orange, blue, silver, black, pink etc.
  • Weight: 54g
  • Package: Can be customized

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    Shackle Diameter MM

    External Size

    H x W x D MM



    3-Digit Combination Carabiner Lock


    95 x 56.3 x 15

    Aluminium alloy


    ● Lock Type: 3 Digit Combination.

    ● Material: Steel. Aluminium alloy.

    ● Unit Weight: 54g.

    ● Color: Yellow. Available for Red, Blue, Silver, Black etc.

    ● Shackle Height: 56mm 

    ● Vertical Shackle Clearance: 80mm.

    ● Horizontal Shackle Clearance: 32.8mm.

    ● Dial Location: Middle.

    ● Security Level: General Security.

    ● Name: Climbing Bolt Combination Lock, 3 Digits Combination Carabiner Lock.

    ● Packaging: Normal carton packing.

    ● Application: Gym sport lock. Quickly and reversibly connect components in safety-critical systems with carabiners from WS Locks Limited. They can be used for mountain and rock climbing, repelling, sailing, tree climbing, fire and rescue, industrial work such as construction and window washing. Selection includes a variety of lock types such as auto-lock, manual screw lock, no lock, triple action auto lock and twist-lock. The Locks can also be used for anything that a padlock could be used for, such as smaller lockers & cabinets, cases & bags, chains, hasps and more.


    Additional Info

    ● Lock Type: 3 Digit Combination.

    ● Lock: 3 Security codes, from 000-999.  with 1000 different combination number can be reset.

    ● Numbers are easy to maneuver, reset and set to your own preferred passcode.

    ● Sample: Sample is free but excluding shipping fee.

    ● Port: Ningbo or Shanghai port.

    ● Delivery Time: 7-15days for in stock lock. 15-30days for customized lock.

    Reset new password as following steps.

    3 Dial Carabiner Combination Lock Package


    There is always a use for an oversized Locking Carabiner Hook, and the Lockstrap delivers superior strength in a large frame. Excellent for securing chains, hooks, hasps, and more. Turns any tie down into a locking tie down for added security. Resettable 3-Dial locking gate opens to an extra wide opening on the hook. Durable finish to maintain that quality look.

    WS Locks Limited is locks supplier in China, factory directly. We also offer other type of locks, such as keyed laptop cable lock, keyless lock boxes, disc padlock, padlock, TSA lock, cam lock, locker locks. Welcome to visit "Products" for more lock information.

    Contact us for more lock information, email, 100% response within 6 hours.

    Carabiner Lock, Travel Bag Luggage Security Combination Locking Carabiner Padlock keyless

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