4 Meters TSA Cross Luggage Belt Combintaion WS-TSA09

The length of luggage belt is adjustable. Securely fasten all kinds of suitcases to protect your luggage from unraveling during transportation and handling. Luggage with a combination lock, the strap is not easy to be opened. Make the security inspection conveniently,it will lock back after the inspection and return it. Combined with a state of the art TSA approved lock, you receive the ultimate luxury of security and ease. Safe and convenient, set 3 numbers as your personal password that can open your lock without any key, keeps your luggage much safer. Protects luggage from accidental opening while traveling, even with rough handling.

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TSA cross luggage belt 4M

50 x 4000mm


ABS + PP stripe


● Unit Weight: 280g

● Material: ABS buckle + polypropylene ribbon

● Dial Number: 3 Security codes, from 000-999. with 1000 different combination number can be reset 

● Color and Logo: Black with colorful belt. 

● Package: 144pcs per carton

● Package size: 71*34*43cm

● G.W: 22.6kgs

● N.W: 21.6kgs

● NAME CARD : removable ID card of luggage strap, you can keep in touch with your suitcase

● Buckle: Adjustable buckle.

● Normally Packing: PVC BOX

111. 4 Meters TSA Cross Luggage Belt Combintaion WS-TSA09

Additional Info

● Sample: 1 sample free, excluding delivery.

● Colors: Various colors is available according to your requirement.

● Port: Ningbo and Shanghai.

● MOQ: We can support your trial order.

112. 4 Meters TSA Cross Luggage Belt Combintaion WS-TSA09


There are four benefits to using a packing belt when your suitcase is full:  

1. It is easy to find your luggage immediately on the airport conveyor belt.

2. If the goods are heavy and there is a packing belt, it is easy to handle.  

3. It plays a certain degree of anti-theft effect (thieves want to steal items in the suitcase, need to unlock the packing belt, because it takes time to open and restore the packaging, will increase the chance of being caught, so they will not start.)  

4. It usually charges about US Dollar 3 a circle to pack a box, it spends US Dollar 6 to make a cross, and our own packing belt can be reused, not easy to waste.  

Password lock instructions:  

1. The factory password of the combination lock is 0-0-0.  Place the password disk in position 0-0-0 and align with the reference line.  

2. Press the buttons on both sides and set a new password by turning the password wheel.  

3. Release the button, then your new password is set.  

4. Please remember your new password, if you need to reset other passwords, please repeat the above steps.  

If you need more information, welcome to send us emails any time.

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