How to choose and use Laptop Cable Lock?

Security Anti-theft Combination Cable Lock for laptop, notebooks, high quality.Universal security cable, strong and durable steel cable.
4 digital combination lock, offers 10,000 different combination codes that is safe for users. Safe for your notebook computer
Available for most notebooks, laptops, desktops
A physical lock and cable is a great way to help to prevent your laptop from being stolen.
Your laptop need to have a security slot for the lock.  It will work with many T-bolt configurations.
If it doesn’t have a lock slot, you’ll need to get an adhesive for your laptop. While no lock is perfect,
these laptop locks will help deter potential thieves. If you have a lock on your device, they’re less able and likely to grab it and run.
1. Anti Theft Combination Security Stainless Locking Laptop Cable Lock WS-LCL03

How to use a Laptop Security Cable?


push cable loop through lock anchor  then put lock and cable through the loop.


find the securith slot on your laptop.


press down on the lock button, push in the key and turn it counterclockwise.

How important is the cable lock for your laptop?

We are sure it is much important to have a cable lock when you are outside for business,you will find it is good when you

want to leave a shot time, it is not convenient to carry around your laptop. 

Aslo it is good when you are in exhibition, you talked with customers most time, the theft will easy to take away your laptop,

so with the cable lock, take it easy to disucuss with customers any time.

You may know when you have a coffee in Starbucks, you will feel it is really good with the cable lock, people can leave and have

a shopping just leaving their laptop there.

If you are looking for a cable lock for your laptop, pls contact us for more details.

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Post time: Jun-21-2022