Comparison of various lock materials

Padlocks are common hardware products in people’s life, our WS LOCKS LIMITED hot supply brass padlocks, stainless steel disc locks, zinc alloy padlocks and other for gates, self-storage doors, you will find these locks are different materials. If lock materials are different, functions are not the same, the scope of application is not the same. When people buy locks, they are generally worried that the lock is not durable or will rust or oxidize the surface after a short time. The following is a comparison of various lock materials with you:

  • From the point of view of durability, the best material should be stainless steel, especially padlocks used as surface materials, the more bright the more. Its good strength, corrosion resistance, color unchanged. But stainless steel also has a variety of, mainly can be divided into ferrite and austenite. Ferritic stainless steel is magnetic, commonly known as stainless iron, a long time, the environment is not good will rust, only austenitic stainless steel will not rust, identification method is very simple, with a magnet to try to identify.
  • Copper lock or brass lock, its mechanical properties are good, corrosion resistance and processing properties are good, and beautiful color, especially the copper forged handle and other lock decoration parts, smooth surface, good density, no porosity, sand hole. Both firm and rust resistant, can be used to plating 24K gold or placer gold and other surface treatment, appears magnificent, noble and generous, to people’s home add a lot of color.
  • Zinc alloys padlock, which are much less strong and rust resistant, have the advantage of being easy to make into complex patterned parts, especially for pressure casting. The more complex patterns seen on the market are likely to be made of zinc alloy, consumers should carefully identify.
  • Aluminum or aluminum alloy locks, ordinary aluminum alloy (except aerospace) soft and light, low material strength, but easy to process and form, suitable for kitchen and bathroom doors.
  • Iron and steel locks, good strength, low cost, but easy to rust, generally used as a lock internal structural material, not for external decorative parts.

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