General safety technique requirement of locks

WS LOCKS LIMITED is a lock manufacturer from China, we supplying kinds of padlocks, combination padlock, key locks, computer cable lock, bike lock, disc padlock for storage unit, key lock box etc. Here are some common techniques and requirements for locks:

1. Pick resistance: Locks should be designed to resist picking attempts by potential intruders. This can be achieved through the use of advanced keyway designs, security pins, and other anti-picking mechanisms.

2. Drill resistance: Locks should be resistant to drilling attempts. This can be accomplished by incorporating hardened steel components, anti-drill plates, and other drill-resistant features.

3. Bump key resistance: Bump keys are special keys used to exploit pin tumbler locks. Locks should be designed to resist bump key attacks by utilizing security pins and other anti-bumping mechanisms.

4. Key control: Locks should have proper key control measures in place to prevent unauthorized duplication of keys. This can be achieved through restricted keyway profiles, key registration systems, and secure key management processes.

5. Tamper resistance: Locks should be designed to resist physical tampering. This can involve reinforced strike plates, hardened shackles for padlocks, and strong construction materials.

6. Durability: Locks should be designed to withstand normal wear and tear, environmental conditions, and potential attacks. High-quality materials and construction techniques should be employed to ensure long-term durability.

7. Testing and certification: Locks should undergo rigorous testing by independent organizations to verify their security claims. Certification from reputable organizations such as ANSI/BHMA (American National Standards Institute/Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association) or UL (Underwriters Laboratories) can provide assurance of a lock’s quality and security.

Remember, these are general techniques and requirements, and specific lock types or applications may have additional or specialized requirements. It is always recommended to consult industry standards, regulations, and specific lock manufacturer guidelines for detailed information.

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