How to Select High Quality Solid Brass Padlock

As we know there have kinds of padlocks with different materials. Our company WS LOCKS LIMITED specilize in manufacturing and providing high quality padlocks. Here we would like to talk about brass padlock. Padlocks made out of brass are one of the most popular padlocks on the market. Ideal for special applications as well as Outdoor for Sheds, Storage Unit, School Gym Locker, Toolbox, Hasp Storage, Self-storage. Most major padlock manufacturers make and market their own version of the brass padlock. They come in many different sizes and with keys from a small padlock to a high security padlock. The brass padlock keys can be key alike and keyed different.

So what are the advantages of WS LOCKS LIMITED brass padlocks?

  • SeriesBrass Padlock
  • Environment: They are good for high moisture applications, they do not rust
  • Brass does not shatter when attacked with a hammer
  • They can be made using a few different manufacturing methods
  • Quality:They are affordable and anti-rust.
  • Security Level:They can be made to provide a high level of security and key control
  • Shackle Type: Standard Shackle Hardened Steel
  • Key Locking Mechanism: Pin Tumbler
  • Keys: Copper keys

WS LOCKS LIMITED Brass padlocks with a steel shackle makes an excellent lock for applications where moisture is a problem or will be present. Brass will not rust, so couple that with a stainless steel shackle, then add a good lock cylinder and you have a very strong padlock. When purchasing a brass padlock, as with any other lock, decide what you are trying to protect and please confirm the lock shackle clearance, make sure the brass lock size is suitable for your storage unit or gate hasp.

Many customers asked me if there have brass polished but steel inside padlock. It looks like brass padlock, but it actually a normal steel lock. They believe that brass padlocks are cheap and don’t provide much security, we think this thinking is wrong. The Imitation copper lock’s price is much lower, it suitable for some markets. WS LOCKS LIMITED company provide solid brass padlock with high quality.

So when you want to purchase brass padlock, make sure to confirm following specification:

  1. Brass lock body material: Brass
  2. Shackle Type: Standard Shackle Hardened Steel
  3. Pins Material: All internal pins are brass with 2 pcs COPPER keys
  4. Package way
  5. Number of pins
  6. Surface treatment
  7. Warranty
  8. Lock Spring Material

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Post time: Aug-30-2022