Small Safety Zinc Alloy Bottom Combination Padlock WS-PL02

Although there are different types of combination locks, they all feature dials typically numbered dials that are used to open the lock. Each of the dials is connected to an internal locking mechanism. When you turn a dial to the correct number, it disengages the connected locking mechanism. Only after turning all the dials to the correct position will the combination lock open.

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Shackle Diameter

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H x W x D MM



Zinc Alloy Bottom Combination Padlock


72 x 51.5 x 24

Zinc Alloy


● Name: 4-Digit Bottom Combination Padlock

● Unit Weight: 280g

● Material: Zinc Alloy

● Color: Black. Various kinds of colors available.

● Combination Type: Scrolling 4-Digit, resettable lock.

● Vertical Shackle Clearance: 24mm.

● Horizontal Shackle Clearance: 25mm.

● Shackle Type: Hardened Shackle Rounded.

● Dial Location: Bottom.

● Security Level: General Security.

● Packing: Card insertion packaging.

● Lock function: Padlock is mainly used for offices, homes, gyms, schools, luggage, cabinets, storage rooms, clasps, boxes, employees, etc.

ws 1 Small Safety Zinc Alloy Bottom Combination Padlock WS-PL02

ws2 Small Safety Zinc Alloy Bottom Combination Padlock WS-PL02

Additional Info

● Sample: 1 or 2 pcs free sample with Freight collection.

● Port: Ningbo or Shanghai

● MOQ: 500pcs and trial order is OK.

● More secure, password setting is more convenient.

● Special design with Bottom combination lock.

● Advantage: Hardened steel shackle with zinc alloy body. Re-codable with 10,000 combinations. Highly resistant to corrosion.Weather resistant, ideal for outdoor use.Easy re-coding facility. Easy to use.


How to set or reset combination codes? 

1. Set the combination to your passward.

(default 0-0-0-0) and pull up the shackle.

2. Rotate the shackle 180°

3. Push the shackle-to the bottom.

4. Keep the shackle down and scroll the numbers to set your own code.

5. Pull up the shackle, rotate back the shackle.

Combination padlocks restrict access to property and are opened by turning a dial or using a scrolling mechanism. They don't require users to keep track of a key. Combination padlocks are commonly used in schools, gyms, and health clubs to protect private property.

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