Special heart shape mini cable lock Red 3-digit WS-OL14

Short Description:

Red heart padlock, mini code lock, wire rope 3-digit code combination padlock

The WS red love heart shape combination lock is not only beautiful and beautiful, but also strong in security. It is made of zinc alloy, anti-rust and durable digital combination code lock. Strong and safe, beautiful, small size, light weight, anti-rust and durable, zinc alloy digital combination password.
Widely used in school bags, lockers, backpacks, suitcases, jewelry boxes, travel bags, tool boxes.
The red heart symbolizes love and is the beginning of a beautiful love. You can give it to your girl/boy friends to express your love. You can also give it to your family, children and friends as a gift and bring them blessings.

  • Item: Red Heart Wire Cable Lock
  • Price: Low price, competitive
  • Lock type: combination, 3-digit
  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Color: Red

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    Model No.


    Outside Size WXDXH mm

    Cable Dia. mm



    Red mini cable lock 3-digit

    31 x 18.5 x 79


    Zinc Alloy


    • Lock Type: 3-digit combination lock to ensure security.
    • Weight: Light Weight
    • Material: Zinc Alloy
    • Color: Red
    • Cable dia. 2.5mm
    • Cable inner space: 35mm x 25mm
    • Resetable: Yes
    • LOGO customization: Yes
    • Special mini cable lock red heart WS-OL14

    Additional Info

    ● Sample: free sample but excluding shipping.

    ● LOGO: We support customized LOGO.

    ● Port: The nearest port is Ningbo or Shanghai

    ● Lower MOQ. We can meet your quantity.

    Special Red 3-dight cable lock

    Setting your personal combination:
    1. Set dials to 0-0-0 and pull out shackle.
    2. Turn shackle 90°and align notch in shackle with opening on the button silver press down.
    3. While pressing,turn the dials to set your personal combination.Then release shackle,your dial padlock is now ready to use.
    4. To change your combination line up your previous combination with the mark,and repeat steps1-3.



    1. Please set your own code before use as the device leaves the factory with no preset code.

    2. Please read the operating instructions carefully before you operate the lock or try to set a new combination of numbers.

    3. For more lock specifications or instruction manual, please visit "Download" in our top menu bar.

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