Super Durable Mail Box Disc Tumbler Keyed Alike Cam Lock WS-CL01

Short Description:

Keyed cam locks consist of a cylinder with an attached arm, or cam, that rotates to lock cabinet doors, file drawers, and other furniture and can be opened with a key. They secure the furniture’s contents to prevent theft or unauthorized use. The cam lock is ideally suited for a wide range of smart equipment terminals, financial equipment terminals, locker, cabinets, subway gates, kiosks, game consoles, lockers, mailboxes and other equipment that can be seen everywhere in daily life.

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Mounting Holes mm

Latching Distance mm



Disc Tumbler Keyed Cam Locks

16 x 19


Zinc Alloy


● Lock Type: Keyed. 500 Key Combinations.

● Keyed Cam Lock Type: Disc Tumbler Keyed Cam Locks.

● Keying: Keyed Alike.

● Material Thickness: 2.5mm.

● Material: Zinc Alloy.

● Finish:Shiny Chrome, Nickel Plated Finish.

● Cam Type: Offset, Straight.

● Security Level: General Security.

● Unlock Turn Direction: Clockwise.

● Includes Mounting Hardware:Yes.

● Number of Keys: 2 keys.

● Body Color: Silver.

● Used for drawer, cabinet, locker, door, mailbox etc. Protect your mailbox from theft and vandalism with this sturdy lock.

● Packaging: Plastic bag+carton.

Please view WS-CL01 Cam Lock Dimensions as following:

Super Durable Mail Box Disc Tumbler Keyed Alike Cam Lock WS-CL01

Additional Info

● Sample:Free sample, excluding delivery fee.

● Port: Nearest port is Ningbo or Shanghai.

● Delivery Time: Normally 15 days.

● Available other cam locks with different size.

● Make sure this lock dimensions can be matched with your product doors before you place order.

Disc tumbler keyed cam locks have a row of discs inside that must be aligned with the correct key to open. They're harder to pick than pin tumbler keyed cam locks because they require specialized tools to break in. These cam locks install in furniture to protect the contents from theft or unauthorized use.


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