TSA hanging Resettable 3-digit combination Padlock WS-TSA07

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In the United States the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires access to luggage without the passenger being present; To allow travelers to lock their luggage they have accepted certain locks which they can open and relock. The TSA recommend that TSA-accepted locks be used, as luggage locked using other methods must be opened by force in order to be inspected. These TSA accepted locks allow TSA screeners to inspect and relock baggage without damaging the lock. Flexible cable resists abuse from airport luggage handling equipment. 3-dial combination can be personalized to set your own combination.

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Shackle Diameter

External Size mm

Shackle Inner Dia. mm


TSA Hanging Cable Combination Padlock


100 x 32 x 14

26 x 58


● Unit Weight: 62g

● Material: Zinc alloy+Steel Wire Cable.

● Dial Number: 3 Security codes, from 000-999. with 1000 different combination number can be reset 

● Color: Red, silver, black, etc.

● Type: TSA-Accepted Luggage Combination Padlock

● Description: TSA Cable lock, TSA Wire lock, TSA Lock, Luggage lock, travel padlock.

● Strengths: Cable lock, east to lock. Great Product and easy to attach. Love the wire locks as they are easier to connect.

● Normally Packing: opp bag, bubble bag, PET bag, slide card, blister card, double blister, PVC box, hanging card, white box.

1111 TSA hanging Resettable 3-digit combination Padlock WS-TSA07

Additional Info

● Sample: 1 sample free, excluding delivery.

● Colors: Normally for Black or Red

● Port: Ningbo and Shanghai.

● MOQ: 500 PCS for existing color and Poly bag packing, 3000 PCS for OEM order.


Lock your checked baggage with the lock TSA screeners won't cut!

TSA Locks are combination style locks that users are able to set and change at their leisure.

The keys to those locks are NOT available to the public nor are they available to sellers of TSA approved locks. The only keys that exist are in the possession of airport security officials.

TSA locks in order to make your travel experience easier, safer and more convenient. TSA locks on your luggage means that you’ll never have to worry about your lock being lost, cut off or breaking off of your bag; therefor your luggage will always be secure and your items will always be safe.

If you need more information, please send us emails any time.

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