Do You Know The History of Locks?

Locks have a long history. According to the textual research of unearthed cultural relics and historical documents, the development of locks has a history of 5,000 years. Chinese traditional locks contain profound cultural connotations.

Here we WS Locks Limited has inquired about the origin and development of locks as follows.

Do you know the history of locks

1. The original knot lock

The "knot" is the ancient lock. In ancient times, people simply tied the door firmly with ropes, and then tied a special knot at the end. The rope is the most primitive lock, and this special knot is made of a kind of animal bone. Only a special key can be opened, and "Jian" is the earliest key.

2. Wooden latches in the Yangshao culture period

The primitive ancestors created a lock with the most basic structural principle of modern locks, a wooden lock, which is built into the wooden doors and windows. Later, the carpenter ancestor Lu Ban improved it and installed a mechanism to form a real lock.

3. Chinese Han Dynasty three-spring lock

Because the wooden lock is not strong enough and the confidentiality is not strong, it was later made of bronze. In the Han Dynasty of China, the copper reed lock commonly known as the three-reed lock appeared, and its confidentiality and security were strengthened. Three-reed locks were used in China until the 1950s.

4. Leaf locks from the 18th century AD

In the 18th century AD, British Dannick and Porter invented a cam-rotating blade lock. The metal blade in the lock is controlled by a spring to rotate. When the key is inserted into the lock, the blade must be rotated before it contacts the lock tongue gap before it is opened.

5. 1848 marble lock

In 1848, American L. Yell invented the marble lock with cylindrical pin, and mankind has since entered the modern lock era. Use the most common lock.

6. 1874 Sleeve Rotary Core Lock

The simple rotary core lock invented by Brammer in England in 1874 has a milestone importance in the history of locks. The mechanism can be placed in a small sleeve through the rotating core as an intermediary to transmit the small key to control the lock bolt.

7. Universal modern lock

Modern locks are filled with padlocks, anti-theft locks, combination locks, TSA locks, laptop cable lockers, key lock, cam locks, handle locks, and various forms in our daily life.

Do you know the history of lock

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Post time: Apr-12-2022