How Do You Store or Hide Your Lock keys

The key is an essential thing in our life and everyone needs to use it, such as padlock keys, combination lock keys, locker lock keys, door lock keys. You need a key to enter your house, or someone else's house, or in some public places many people share a key. Have you suddenly realized you locked your keys inside your house, so that now you not only can't get your car started, but you can't get into your house to get your keys? Or do you need to go out for a run or walk the dog, but can't carry your keys with you? what would you do? Hide the keys in the garden? Or the doormat underground? No, a smart lock key storage box from WS Locks Limited can solve these problems.

Lock Key-hidden-under-doormat

No more hiding keys under doormat or carpet, get your keys safe. Just store your keys in the key box, the key safe box is fixed outdoor, whether you use a Soft Wire rope Key box, shackle storage box, hangable lock box or a wall mounted lock key box, they can be safely install in front of your home door or fence. Key boxes are anti-theft , waterproof, anti-rust, anti-high temperature performance. High performance, high safety, aluminum alloy material is very durable. You no longer need to worry about forgetting your keys, worrying about the security of key storage, or worrying about keys not being able to be shared with others.

How do you store your lock keys

A customer once told us that he has lost more keys while running. Even though he always make sure to buy shorts and pants with pockets, but he found that unless the pockets have a zipper closure, they’re not 100 percent reliable. Instead of replacing all his gear, he wanted to see if there were ways to get creative with key storage. Until he used our WS LOCKS key box, it really solved his and his friends key storage woes.

The key storage boxes’ installation and usage are very easy, we have prepared installation and use instructions for you on the "Download" page in the menu bar. Welcome to contact us if you have any requirements or questions. WS Locks Limited hopes to provide full storage solutions of keys and locks for you, making your travel safer and more convenient.

Post time: Apr-12-2022