How to Select the Right Padlock?

Padlock is one of the most commonly used locks in all locks, it is suitable for many occasions, such as school locker doors, home cabinet doors, house doors, iron doors, suitcases, luggage, refrigerator doors and so on. The more common styles are combination padlocks, mechanical padlocks, and smart padlocks. Common names are keyless padlock, Combination padlock, Laminated padlock, Zinc Alloy Padlock, Brass padlock, Luggage lock, TSA Lock, Digital Combination Padlock,Disc Padlock etc. No matter what kind of padlock is, there are always some general characteristics. Today, our company WS Locks Limited technology Mr. Adam talks about how to choose a good padlock, and what are the main points of focus?

How to Select the Right Padlock


Please choosing the suitable lock body material depends on intended use environment. The right padlock material will make the lock that is durable enough for regular use in the expected elements. If you are not sure which material of padlock should be selected, don’t worry, just contact us WS Locks Limited to let us know what environment do you want to use the lock in?


The padlock shackle is usually made of hardened metal. According to different styles, it available for long and short, thick and thin. We WS Locks Limited offer several shackle height, thickness and material options to fit your padlocks to common lockout applications. Our hardened shackles are durable and substantial to meet standards.


Padlocks must stand up to the environment and elements to which they're exposed without failing. So padlocks should be anti-rust, waterproof and sun protection. Our locks can meet these these properties.


Padlocks should be anti-theft and vandal-proof, which should resist removal without use of correct key or excessive force. Security and stability are extremely important.


Generally speaking, the color of the lock is relatively simple and elegant, so that it can be matched with various applications. But everyone's preferences are diverse, so we WS Locks Limited also come in a variety of colors. We support colors and LOGO customized. Contact us to let us know your preferences.

All right, above tips are our opinions and suggestions, if you have any good idea, welcome to let me know. We are locks workshop, locks supplier, factory directly. Looking forward to establishing a long-term cooperative relationship with you!

Post time: Apr-12-2022