How To Use Key Lock Box

Key Lock boxes keep small items secure and require a code to access. Controls access at construction sites, rental properties, realtors or household users. All necessary mounting hardware is included, 4 screws and 4 nylon expanding wall anchors to ensure that the Key Safe can be mounted on any solid surface. We also provide mounting hardware for some hanging style key lock box which both can hange and mount to wall.

WS Locks offering wall mounted key lock box and also hanging key storage boxes. Convenient and durable product for outdoor key storage. Easy to operate, no need to wear the key with you, no keyhole, anti-theft, high safety factor. Wall mounted and hanging style, digits combination and waterproof storage box is more secure and durable! Combination lock box allows you to create your own combination for keyless convenience and increased security. We support customized LOGO.

How to use key lock box?
1.Slide shutter board to reveal the dials.
2.Rotate dials to the factory combination 0-0-0-0.
3.Push down black button which is near the dials, then the key box is opened.
4.After closing the cover, upset the dials to protect your combination.
5. Close the shutter board.

How To set your combination?
1.Open the key box, rotate dials to the factory combination 0-0-0-0.
2.Push the RESET button from position A to position B, as shown in Pic 1.
3. Now rotate dials to set your own combination.
4.Push the RESET button back to original position A. as shown in Pic 2. Now you have resetted the new combination.


1. Please remember your password, otherwise, you have no way to get it back.

2. Please avoid to use combination such as “0-0-0-0″, otherwise it might be easily cracked.

3. Please keep the shutter door closed for weather, dirt and grime resistance.

4. It is recommended to rotate the dials weekly to keep them work properly.

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