What is a laptop cable lock used for?

Protect your laptop, computer and the private information that’s on it with the Combination Laptop Lock. WS LOCKS LIMITED Laptop cable lock make your travel and business secure. Superior strength lockhead to resist tampering. Push button design for one hand operation to easily install lock. Keyless four-wheel combination is easily resettable and offers 10,000 possible combinations. Anchors to desk, table or any fixed surface. Laptop Cable lock also named computer lock, notebook lock,tablet lock,laptop lock,pc lock,combination laptop lock etc.

WS USB Laptop Lock USB Equipment Notebook Computer Combination Cable Lock WS-LCL08

To use the laptop cable lock

1. Make the steel rope fixed on the fixed content and then pass the cable through the key hole.

2. Insert the lock stee-head into computer slot. Note that before inserting the lock, please set a password, the original password is 0000.

3. Pull down the lock toggle switch and mess up the computer lock password.

4. At this point, your computer is securely locked.

To set your combination

1. Prepare a tool which with a sharp head.

2. Set the dails to your current passward (factory original password 0000). Make sure the toggle switch can toggle back and forth.

3. Make the tool tip resist bottom set button then move to the right. Then began to set your own password.

4.Returm the reset button to the original place. The password set has done!


1. Please remember your password, otherwise, you have no way to get it back.

2. Please avoid to use combination such as “0-0-0-0″, otherwise it might be easily cracked.

The Laptop Cable Lock, 4 Digital Combination Lock, Security Computer Cable Lock, Anti Theft Combination Lock for iPad Tablet Laptop MacBook Dell HP Lenovo Samsung Android and Other Device. Suitable for all tablets and laptops. There is an anchor plate, which can be applied to devices without a security keyhole, such as smart phones, Apple iPad, Kindle, iPhone, Samsung, Android tablets, etc. It also fits for all laptops that have Kensington slot.

Item: Laptop cable lock

Locking Style:  Available in Combo, 4-digits and keyed.

Combination Type: Re-settable

Cable Diameter: 5.0mm. Available in 4mm

Cable Length: 2.0m  6.5ft. Available in 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.5m

Environment: Indoor.


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