How to Customize Packaging to Brand Your Padlocks

The packaging of your locks is just as important as the product itself. It is not complex but very common when you make your brand products. We WS LOCKS LIMITED support customers to customize packaging to your combination padlocks, key lock box, computer cable lock, brass padlocks, key locks, disc padlocks etc.

What is custom packaging for padlocks?
Custom packaging means that the packaging is tailored to the locks according to your design. Compared with common packages of the factory, customized packaging can fit products better and make products stand out. Changing the lock packaging size, shape, color, pattern and material of the packaging, and printing the brand logo, slogan, etc. are all custom packaging. Also we support to print LOGO or slogan on lock body.

Is custom lock packaging worthwhile?
Increase brand recognition and awareness. Compared with developing a new lock product, custom packaging is much simpler and more affordable. It is an easy way to create your own brand.

Market products and increase sales
Many shoppers may choose locks with more attractive packaging. Exquisite packaging can easily attract customers’ eyeballs and attention, and stimulate their desire to buy. A good product combined with good packaging can bring you loyal clients.

Be environment friendly
You can also choose eco-friendly materials when customizing packaging. Compared with traditional packaging, they can reduce waste and make recycling and reusability possible. It can be more attractive to consumers with environmental protection consciousness.

To customize lock packaging, no matter whether your order is big or small, there will have a fixed fee which includes print plate charge, die cut charge, and operating charge. It’s depend on design and packaging material

You just need to send the design draft to our company WS LOCKS LIMITED. It only takes 2-3 days for the sample and 7-15 days for mass production. The accurate time depends on the material, printing method, box type, lock packaging type, etc.

If you only want to put your logo on our basic lock packaging and don’t need to print the designed patterns, there is a cheaper way. We just need to print the logo on the sticker, and then paste it on the lock packaging.

Common packaging for padlocks in our company WS LOCKS LIMITED are OPP bags, ziplock bags, insert card packaging, blister packaging, white box packaging, color box packaging, kraft carton packaging, hanging packaging box, PVC box etc.


Whether you already have a detailed design, or just have a simple idea, you just need to contact us. Email us at, or call us +86 15158081241 or visit our to start your lock packaging customization.

Post time: May-25-2023

Post time: 2023-09-25 16:15:33
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