How to reset your disc lock combination?

Storage unit disc locks (or disk locks) were designed especially for self storage and are suitable for other security applications. The short ‘embedded’ hasp is not easily cut by bolt cutters, and the round shape makes it difficult to strike with a hammer unlike the flat cross surface provided by standard padlocks. Fully shielded design protects against bolt cutters. Stainless Steel Padlock: This stainless steel disc lock offers 360 degree all round protection, effectively combatting the most common ways of forcing it open Anti cut plate offers added security;

Here we would like to show how to reset your disc lock combination.

1. Set the code to default (0-0-0-0), move the black crank to pen the lock.

2. On the back of lock.Use a clip or screw driver to turn the screw from A to B anticlockwise.

3. Set your own combination.

4. Return the screw rom B to A. Then the new combination reset is done!

NOTES: 1. Please remember your password, otherwise, you have no way to get it back. 2. Please avoid to use combination such as “0-0-0-0″, otherwise it might be easily cracked.


Here is the advantage of ws locks’ combination disc lock.

  • Apply to all Weather – Don’t worry about the bad weather.Lock with stainless steel construction and hardened steel shackle for increased strength and security.Anti-corrosion, Antifreeze.
  • Keyless Heavy Duty Lock – It is easy to set 4 digit dial,and easy to remember it.You no longer need to worry about finding a key.
  • No Longer Become the Target of Thieve – The Padlock is heavy and durable,minimizes shackle exposure and protects against bolt cutter attacks.
  • Padlock Application – Designed to fit a padlock eye of at least 25/64″ (9.9mm) diameter. Best used for uhaul trailer, POD, storage unit, storage locker, garage, shed, gate and more.

Security Disc Locks

The stainless steel Discus Padlock is resistant to bolt cutters thanks to its shielded circular design and minimally exposed bolt. Cutters won’t have enough room or leverage to cut through the hardened steel deadbolt.

Cut Resistance – Hardened Steel Shackle

Lock with stainless steel construction and hardened steel shackle for increased strength and security.

Lock beam bold, more firm, offers extra resistance to protect against bolt cutter attacks.

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